Welcome to Smokin’ Joes!

The busiest Sarasota Bar in the downtown area, we have been on location serving our community for over 10 years!

We have lots of people that come into our bar for lots of reasons. The one thing that we don’t do in this establishment is judge our guests. Whether you’re on vacation in Sarasota and want to stop by for a quick drink, or if you’re a regular who maybe spends TOO much time here, all are welcome. There are a lot of bars in Sarasota that cater to one crowd only or who dislike a certain type of business, but we certainly are not one of them.

So come on in, enjoy some local craft Sarasota beer, or grab a drink from our fully stocked top shelf liquor bar and browse our cigar collection. We’ve got it all here. Keep reading below to see some of the cool Events and Opportunities we run for the Sarasota Bar scene.

Downtown Sarasota Events

One thing that we offer to downtown Sarasota that no one else can are our themed parties and events. Periodically throughout the year we will host costume parties, sponsored liquor parties, and cash-prize giveaways and pay-per-view events. We also support all of Sarasota’s local events, such as the Harvey Milk Festival, the Boat Race Parades, and Veterans Day Parades.

Check out some of our previous examples below!

UFC 189

August 17, 2015

Jameson Bartenders Ball

August 17, 2015

Don Julio Event

August 17, 2015